B7TA Transmission parts

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type (recommended)
4 AT FWD 7,1 2,9 Honda Z-1

The automatic 4-speed transmission B7TA was designed by Honda specialists in 1996. It is intended for front-wheel drive Honda and Acura vehicles.

This modification of automatic transmissions can be installed on 6-cylinder engines with the capacity not higher than 3.5 liters. In the process of operation this transmission made a good impression. Due to its simple design, this transmission is distinguished by its reliability and durability. The maintenance service for this transmission is not complicated.

  • HONDA ODYSSEY 2.3L; V6 3.5L; Honda B7TA
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Technical issues and repair guidelines

After running 50 thousand kilometers it is required to change the oil with a filtering element. The car owner can perform this procedure by himself even with a limited experience in this field. B7TA has no planetary gears that allowed engineers to simplify the design of this transmission. It had a positive impact on the level of durability and reliability of this automatic transmission. It is not unusual, when well-timed maintenance and proper usage helps this transmission to cover 400 thousand kilometers without major repairs. Transmission specialists recommend warming up of the oil in this transmission in winter. It can be done the following way: shift the selector lever to the Drive position and hold the brake pedal depressed for about 30 seconds. This measure will help to warm up the transmission oil and prolong the trouble-free operation of the transmission. It should be also kept in mind that immediate accelerations after the start of the movement and gear-shifting in the manual mode may be harmful for the transmission.

The list of common problems with B7TA includes issues with rubber gaskets which lose their elasticity after running 100-150 thousand kilometers that leads to oil leakages. In this case the repair procedure lies in replacement of these gaskets.