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Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF type
CVT FWD 170 8,9 WSS-M2C928-A

The constantly variable transmission (CVT) ZF CFT23 of the German manufacturer of auomatic transmissions with the trade name "Ecotronic" has been installed on Ford Focus, C-MAX with engines 1.6 - 1.8 liters since 2003 until 2008. Later more powerful CFT30 was developed for Ford vehicles with a 3-liter engine. This CVT had been installed before 2008 on powerful Taurus as well as on Ford Focus of European assembly. This CVT was also noticed on Mercury Sable. The “push” belt construction is used in СFT23 as in RE0F09A, /JF010E by Nissan instead of “pulling” belt used in 01J CVT (Audi).

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

But in more powerful CFT30 the belt did not cope with loads (similar to problems of Nissan Murano), therefore the pulling belt was applied here as in the variator 01J.

Original spare parts for repair of these CVT (produced by ZF) are basically neither produced nor sold. It is almost impossible to get even used spare parts for repair of CFT. Therefore the most popular spare parts for repair of CVT CFT23 are filter and repair kit of gaskets and seals. Experienced specialists in repair services recommend to change the whole kit of rubber gaskets and seals as well as filter and oil without waiting for problems with surfaces of cones after 3-4 years of intensive operation. The belt is produced by only one company and similar to other CVTs with pushing belt. Friction clutches F and steel discs used in this transmission are the same as for ZF 5HP24/30/19.