F1C1 Transmission parts, repair guidelines, problems, manuals

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF type
CVT FWD 145 7,8 CVT Fluid NS-1
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Technical issues and repair guidelines

The transmission fluid for this CVT has unique qualities, namely, when the oil is hot it becomes "sticky", allowing the belt to stick to cones without slipping. Therefore the fluid should be kept clean and the filter should be replaced when the oil loses its transparency. The belt slippage damages the belt itself and cones (the main CVT unit).The fluid is heavily contaminated by friction elements and loads wear the belt protector that increases the possibility of the belt slipping and wearout of cones surface. Frequent change of fluid and filter significantly prolongs the resource of this transmission.

Advantages of of this CVT frequently turn out to be its porlems. The push belt of this CVT (as in JF011E Jatco) has a comparatively short resource and almost became a "spare part", especially if the driver likes accelerations without the warm-up. The repair kit of gaskets and seals is ordered for rebuilding of this transmission.

CVT components have the following problems:

Issue with the Forward drum consist in damage of the stop ring, rapid wear-out of the Forward frictions leading to contamination of even fresh ATF. The problem reveals itself in the failure of moving forward. It is recommended to replace not only the burnt drum, but also the belt with the filter.Cones are not subjects for repair or grinding, therefore sometimes they are replaced with used cones which have some resources.