JF011E Transmission parts, repair guidelines, problems, manuals

F1CJ, F1CJA, W1CJA, RE0F10A, DK0, FR8,

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF type
CVT FWD/AWD 7,4 4,5 CVT Fluid NS-2

The RE0F10A (JF011E) transmission is a popular Jatco model of 2005 for FWD vehicles with engine capacity from 1.6 up to 2.5 l. This transmission is assumed to be a marvel among CVTs. JF011E is a genuine leader of CVTs with record-breaking productions. It is very popular thanks to its durability, comfort, easy maintenance in combination with a low price. This CVT unit is very maintenance-friendly. Well-timed rebuilding procedures with replacement of spare parts add 3-4 years of service life before the next overhaul.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

In the process of major repairs, it is required to change the friction clutch of the torque converter lock-up. CVTs produced after 2007 turn out to be reliable (for CVTs) under the condition of proper usage and operates for 150-200 thousand kilometers with a low number of visits to repair services. It is one of the most reliable CVTs around the globe. Common spare parts usually include belt, step-motor (stepper), shaft bearings.

Spare parts of the first priority include:

- seals of the pump, axle shafts (left and right)

- Pan gasket

The step-motor ("stepping" motor of the gear ratio adjustment). The electric drive regulates the space between cones and gear ratio of CVT. Early breakdown of the step-motor is related to the overheating or CVT resource exhaustion. This issue comes from the RE0F06A and it is typical for JF011.

One of the most common reasons for getting into repair services for this transmission is related to the oil pressure shortage connected with improper working of worn-out valve of the high-pressure pump. In many cases, it is required to replace 4 bearings of input and output shafts. The issue is caused by overheating and critical wear-out of the belt, forcing solenoids to apply maximum effort on pressing the belt to cones. One of the most popular spare parts for JF011 units is a metal push belt RE0F010А (Bosch). Timely replaced belt preserves the surface of cones.

Solenoids with exhausted resource are also common for replacement. Some solenoids are interchangeable with other Jatco CVTs. But there also can be some differences with CVTs of Mitsubishi and Dodge. Another typical problem for the RE0F10A (RE0F06A) unit is related to the depress valve. This problem leads to oil starvation in CVT units. In the pump, the valve is replaced by the new one of a larger size. The service life of this CVT and the car itself is estimated by wear-out of cones. Surfaces of cones are considered to be the most important resource of CVT. The price of new cones with replacement service sometimes is higher than the price of an “old” car.