JF015E Transmission parts

RE0F11A, FK0

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type (recommended)
CVT FWD 8 4,5 CVT Fluid NS-2

In 2010, Jatco produced the next generation of CVTs named as CVT7-JF015 (RE0F11A) to replace its predecessor JF011E. In terms of design, this CVT is significantly distinct from JF011E. The JF015 unit also has the torque converter (TC), that reduces the load on shafts, planetary gear for the back run, but the primary peculiarity lies in two forward motion speeds and 3 friction clutch packages: Direct №1(Low), - №2(High) and Reverse.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

This construction may be regarded as a mixture of CVT and 2-speed transmission, that allows reducing cones by exceeding the gear ratio by means of two forward gears. As JF015E, this transmission has been used on Suzuki Swift, Splash, Alto, and on some Mitsubishi cars since 2012.

Common problems of the JF015 unit are similar to issues of its predecessor JF011. In most cases, problems occur after significant mileage and may be characterized as "spare parts wear-out". The most urgent repair procedure for CVTs is the replacement of teflon rings, which are replaced together with the input shaft repair and replacement of frictions, replacement of bearings, or change of the belt caused by the exploitation with worn-out rings which rapidly decreases the resource of all these parts. A common issue of JF015 is the input shaft bearing failure. The main shaft is considered to be a soft spot leading to the abovementioned problem.

This transmission is sensitive to contaminated and cold ATF. Frequent usage in winter time with oil temperature below +60 results in slipping and damage of the belt and cones. The belt is a common spare part for all “ageing” Jatco units. Well-timed replacement of the belt having still operating protector helps to prolong the resource of cones, which are considered to be the most important and high-priced unit of the CVT design.

Another frequently replaced component of JF015E is the damaged sun gear. The wear-out of solenoids occurs because of ATF contamination caused by the wear-out of rings and seals, forcing the pump to transmit increased ATF volume in order to make up for shortage of pressure on clutches. Therefore, solenoids are replaced together with all gaskets and rings. The issue of input and output shaft bearings is expected to occur when driving with a slipping belt.