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JF405E Transmission parts

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type (recommended)
4 AT FWD 7,5 4 JWS 3314

The 4-speed JF405E automatic transmission with the east-west mounting (its forerunner is JF402E) was produced by Jatco in 2000 for the mini cars of the Korean FWD family Hyundai-Kia-Daewoo. The JF405E is used on FWD cars Daewoo / Chevrolet, Kia and Hyundai with the engine capacity up to 1.1 liters. The most common models to be found in repair services are Daewoo Matiz and Kia Picanto.In terms of design, this automatic transmission is related to the 4-speed SR410 (SR412, SR413) designed by Jatco in 1998, on order of Suzuki for Wagon R, and then installed on Alto, therefore many spare parts are interchangeable.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

The most common repair procedure for this CVT is the transmission reassembly with replacement of gaskets and seals (Overhaul kit) which are different depending on years of production – before 2003 and after 2003.The most common order this transmission is a budgetary repair kit of gaskets and seals. A standard order on the transmission reassembly also includes the kit of friction components.

Suzuki repair lies in procedures preventing oil leakages, namely the pump seal replacement. This procedure should be accompanied by the pump bushing replacement. One more required measure is the torque converter repair, which has a worn-out locking mechanism, which causes vibrations, hub heating, and damage of the pump seal.

In many cases, owners of JF405E-equipped cars with dirty valve bodies just replace EPC solenoid . This solenoid operates more intensively than others, has no pre-filter from dirt in ATF and wears out earlier. Worn-out rings are usually replaced together with the abovementioned solenoid because leakages in these rings result in lower oil pressure in packages. Old JF405E usually have problems with planetary gears (front and rear).The main pressure solenoid (EPC) is the first to get out of order in the electrical part, then comes solenoid of the torque converter lock-up.

Generally, it’s a very reliable and long-serving transmission where the major part of overhauls lies in the replacement of solenoid, replacement of the valve body, rubbers, sealing rings from the repair kit. It is also required to change the friction lining of the torque converter, which is the "enemy" №1 to the cleanness of ATF and the valve body.