JF506E Transmission parts

RE5F01A, JA5AEL, RE5F01, AG5, 09A, 09B

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type (recommended)
5 AT FWD 350 9 5 G 052 990

The 5-speed automatic transmission 09A \ 09B (according to Jatco - JF506E classification) was designed in 1999 by Jatco for the European market of FWD cars with engine up to 3.8l. The first budget version of this 5-speed automatic transmission is used in the cars as a reliable and unpretentious alternative to expensive the AW55-50 from Aisin and ZF 5HP19-24.

After several modifications, this transmission has been actively used in Nissan – as RE5F01A and in Mazda as JA5A-EL. Most of all, this transmission is found under the German name 09A \ 09B in VW, Audi and under the name JF506E - in the English Jaguar and Land Rover. American Ford tried to use this transmission for European Mondeo and Galaxy (as 5F31J). The Japanese had been installing this transmission until recently at American assembly plants of Nissan (Altima, Quest) and Mitsubishi (Eclipse, Galant). JF506E is mainly installed on English Jaguar X, Rover, Freelander, less often – on German Golf, Bora, Jetta and even less often on Portugese SEAT Alhambra and AUDI А3.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

The 09A\09B/JF506E filter with metal mesh is replaced during the transmission reassembly. The planned overhaul of older JF506E lies in replacement of worn-out rings and gaskets which are frequently exposed to leakages. The overhaul includes the assembly and replacement of the whole friction components kit. Kicks, pushes, and slipping in this transmission are considered to be the symptom of solenoids and valve body malfunction.

One of the reason for valve body malfunction is the damage (by contaminated ATF) of the channel and valve (TCС Pressure Regulator Valve) controlling torque converter blocking . Then goes a chain reaction related to fast ATF contamination by the torque converter clutch, and dirt starts damaging other channels and solenoid-operated valves. The whole solenoid kit (9 pcs) is usually replaced in the process of transmissions (which covered more than 200-300 tonne-kilometre) overhaul. Common spare parts for cosmetic repair are: pump seal and pump bush, which is identical for RE4F03A. The filter helps to preserve ATF clean and reduces friction units wear-out.