JF613E Transmission parts


Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type (recommended)
6 AT FWD/4WD 330 7,6 5,5 DiaQueen ATF J3

The 6-speed transmission JF613E with transverse mounting was produced by Jatco in 2006 for FWD Mitsubishi cars with engine capacity from L4 2.0 to V6 3.5 liters. According to Jatco, this heavy-duty transmission can transmit the torque up to 330Nm. The JF613E unit competes with Aisin's TF80SC, but Jatco transmission is considered to be less complex and cheaper, and when taking into account parameters of reliability and endurance with American 6T45 and Korean A6MF1.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

Transmission fluid is changed after travelling 50-60 thousand kilometers without waiting for scheduled replacement of worn-out spare parts (rings and bushings).The torque converter is repaired in the course of the overhaul. The overhaul also requires Kit of gaskets and seals, complete kit of frictions, and less often kit of steel discs.

The main source of problems for all modern 6-speed automatic transmissions is related to the valve body and solenoids.Settings of the JF613 control unit do not allow excessive loading of solenoids. This gearbox as well as Aisin's 4-speed transmissions use forced locking of the torque converter starting at the 4-th gear (that has a positive impact on the transmission durability). Thanks to this feature JF613 may be called "invincible".

“Active locking” and “auto-neutral” features implemented in JF613E are considered to be the pride of Jatco. Both options improve acceleration characteristics, fuel consumption, driving comfort, driving uphill, but at the expense of the friction lining locking wear-out in the torque converter, leading to quicker ATF contamination. Planned repair for this transmission is not complicated and it is required in case of high mileage. The repair helps to prolong service life of this transmission for a long period of time.