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K410 Transmission parts

K410, K411, K41A, K41B, XA-10LN

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type (recommended)
CVT FWD 145 8 5 Aisin CVTF7004, Toyota 08886-02105

TOYOTA K410 / K411 / K41A / K41B / XA-10LN

Aisin developed the “200” series (K210) of CVT transmissions in 2002. This gearbox was intended for cars with 1.0-1.3 liter engines. The K210 had been produced and installed on some Toyota cars for the domestic market of Japan before 2015.

Nevertheless, this series was not very successful – the CVT was larger than initially planned; it turned out to be not very convenient for underhood space of small cars. Therefore, in 2004, Aisin started

developing a new “400” series on the basis of the K210. The K410 modification was smaller in size, lighter weight, and had enhanced fuel economy in comparison with the “200” series. Toyota considered the K410 to be an ideal CVT solution for small cars with 1.0-1.3 liter engines. This transmission is still applied in numerous Toyota cars (including cars for the European market).

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In October 2008, Aisin launched production of the CVT transmission named K41A. This transmission was designed on the basis of the K410 modification and was specifically intended for application on cars Toyota IQ. The main difference between these two transmissions lies in the fact the differential in K41A was moved forward (in contrast with K410). This measure made it possible to reduce the size of the CVT for installation on limited underhood space of Toyota IQ (with 1.0 liter engine).

In April 2009, the CVT modification K41b was launched in production. The main peculiarity of this transmission is higher torque transmission capacity. Therefore, this gearbox could have been used for Toyota IQ with more powerful 1,3-liter engine.

In October 2010, Aisin engineers came up with a new CVT solution for the “400” series – the modification K411. The main difference of the K411 transmission from the 410 version is a significant fuel economy, which is achieved by actuation of an active clutch, when starting a car, and thanks to a new control mechanism (flex start control).

In 2007, Aisin produced a new modification of the K410 transmission, which was named as XA-10LN for external markets (not for Toyota cars). This CVT was successfully applied in Suzuki cars (Suzuki Splash and Suzuki Swift). These Suzuki models were sold in the domestic market of Japan.

In the European automotive market, K410/K411 CVTs were installed only on Toyota IQ (K41a and K41b) and Toyota Verso-S/Subaru Trezia (K411). Cars equipped with CVTs K410 and K411 were not sold in the North America (USA and Canada). Cars with these transmissions are quite popular in Australia, New Zealand, and some countries of Southeast Asia.

Typical problems

Typical problems which occur in this range of CVT transmissions include the following:

1) ATF contamination

2) K410/K411 CVTs often get overheated (especially in winter time)

3) Damage of bearings

4) Seal Clutch leakages