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CVT-type automatic transmissions are produced by Aisin for hybrid cars Toyota and Lexus. These transmissions have an initial prefix “P” (it means that these transmissions belong to the planetary type). Some people mistakenly believe that the planetary gearbox cannot be a CVT, but it’s wrong. Planetary gearboxes (not all) have a metal chain (analog of a belt in CVT). Even Toyota considers these planetary gearboxes as CVTs and name them as eCVTs. Undoubtedly, the planetary gearbox differs from standard CVTs (on the global scale the planetary gearbox is not so complicated as CVT), but it is still CVT with its problems and repair peculiarities.

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The first CVT of the planetary type eCVT (model P110) was manufactured in 1997 and was installed on the first generation of Toyota Prius for the domestic Japanese market. In 2000, this CVT was upgraded for Prius and was named as P111. Toyota Prius equipped with the P111 transmission was sold not only in Japan, but also in the US.

The new planetary CVT P112 was designed in 2001. This gearbox was intended for more powerful (2,4 liter engines) and heavyweight cars (Toyota Estima Hybrid and Toyota Alphard Hybrid). The planetary CVT transmission P112 found application in Toyota Prius, which was sold in Europe, Canada, and USA. The P112 actually became one of the most popular CVTs of planetary type.

The planetary CVT P310/Q211 (named as Q211 for Lexus) was manufactured in 2005. This transmission was specially developed for SUVs with FWD and 3.3-3.5 liter engines. This transmission was installed on hybrid cars Lexus RX400H, Toyota Kluger Hybrid.

The planetary CVT P311 was released in February 2006. It was intended for FWD cars with 2.4 liter engines. In comparison with P112, this gearbox is noted for reduced fuel consumption when the engine

has high RPM rates. In the same year, Aisin started production of the transmission P312 which was designed on the basis of P311. This transmission was supplied to Nissan Motor Company Co., Ltd (for application in Nissan Altima Hybrid in the US market. It was also installed on Toyota Harrier Hybrid 3,3 for the domestic market of Japan.

The eCVT P410 was launched in production in 2009. This transmission was developed for FWD cars equipped with 1.8 liter engines. Peculiarities of this transmission include transfer gear case assembly and possibility of smooth reduction of the engine speed at high RPM rates. This eCVT as well as P112 found application at a global scale, because it was installed on Toyota Prius, which had been sold from 2009 to 2015 all over the world. In addition, the P410 transmission was used for a new range of cars ( Toyota Prius Alpha, Toyota Prius V, and Lexus CT200H.

In July 2009, Aisin released a new modification of eCVT named as P311-03A. This transmission had an upgraded oil pump and engine cooling system. In 2010, Aisin started production of the P410 planetary CVT for plug-in hybrid vehicles.

In August 2011, Aisin started production of a new planetary CVT named P314 for 2,5 liter engines (for FWD and AWD). This transmission was equipped with a new oil pump, which ensured lower fuel consumption. According to Toyota plans, this transmission also should find a global scale application, because cars equipped with this transmission are sold all over the world (Toyota Camry Hybrid (for markets of the US and Japan), Lexus NX300H (for European market), and Toyota Rav4 Hybrid (for all global markets). The P314 eCVT is considered to be quite “new” and it is rarely found in repair services.

In November 2011, Aisin released a new eCVT transmission named as P510. This gearbox has a new design and operates with an NZ-series engines (engine capacity = 1.5 liters). The list of cars which use this transmission includes Toyota Corolla Hybrid, Toyota Yaris Hybrid, Toyota Prius C. The P510 transmission in noted for its light weight, small dimensions, and increased efficiency.

In January 2016, Aisin released a new eCVT P610. This gearbox was intended for application in a new generation of Toyota Prius.

Problems and repair procedures

Abrasive particles often damage oil pump of eCVT , in case of ill-timed ATF change.

1) The planetary gear set wear is often caused by abundance of metal shavings. It is especially common for planetary type CVTs P112 installed on Toyota Prius (produced in the 2003-2008 timeframe).

2) Repair services for eCVTs often include replacement of gaskets and seals (Overhaul kits), pump seal, axle shaft oil seal.