RE4F03A Transmission parts, repair guidelines, problems, manuals


Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type
4 AT RWD/AWD 240 8,2 3,5 AT-Matic D Fluid

The 4-speed automatic gearbox RL4F03A / V RE4F03A / B was designed by Jatco in 1990 for FWD Nissan Primera with the engine capacity up to 2 liters. This transmission replaced the previous version RL4F02A with the hydraulic control.

In 1994, another update was made, and a new modification was released in 2000 under the name RE4F03B. The RE4F03A unit turned out to be very popular in accordance with the ratio price / reliability. After 2000, this transmission has been actively installed on the entire range of Nissan vehicles. Now this range of automatic gear shifting units is used for many models of Nissan cars all over the world.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

During each overhaul of this transmission, repair specialists replace the kit of gaskets and seals, which should be changed after a long-time operation to prevent the damage of the rubber elements. But the main repair procedure consists of replacement of rings, because their wearout may have a negative impact on the oil pressure in clutch packages. In most cases, repair procedures lie in cleaning and reassembly of the valve body, replacement of gaskets, spare parts, springs (of shock absorber), and the torque converter repair. Every second repair includes replacement of the solenoids block The issue with worn-out solenoids may lead to fluid shortages in clutch packages and result in slipping of friction clutches, oil burning and later burning of all frictions.

Hard parts of this transmission are very reliable. This gearbox may be considered invincible except for oil leakages from the pump seal (occur after 150 thousand kilometers), which usually says about the wear-out of torque converter spare parts and the pump bushing. It is recommended to change the fluid not according to its period of operation, but according to its transparency.

When this transmission unit in old cars is exposed to "oil starvation", then it may lead the following malfunctions ( in the following order):

- Reverse drum with the piston, wear-out of the surface by the brake band.

- High clutch drum. The shaft cranks, different types of wear-out of the shaft surface and drum. Reverse friction elements are prone to burning

If the fluid state in monitored and solenoids are timely replaced, then this transmission unit will operate properly for a long period of time.