RE4F04A Transmission parts, repair guidelines, problems, manuals

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type
4 AT FWD 290 9,5 4,5 Nissan Matic-D

The 4-speed automatic transmission RE4F04A was designed by Jatco in 1993 for 3 liter Maxima using the experience of the JF403E gearbox which was created in 1990 for Isuzu. Later this transmission was installed on other popular Nissan and Infinity models with engine capacity up to 3 liters. At the same time, another modification RE4F03A was released for lower torque from engines with the capacity up to two liters. This family of 4-speed automatic transmissions is used on FWD vehicles with engines from 2 up to 3 liters. Experts call this gearbox as " the 04-th Nissan", which is considered to be Jatco's achievement in terms of reliability and price.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

RE4F04A is the most popular Nissan gearbox in repair services, which is called "the 4-th Nissan" according to the professional slang.

Typical repair procedures for old automatic gearboxes RE4F04\ LJ4A-EL

In addition to the common set of repair parts for reassembly of the old RE4F04A, it is required to replace the friction lining of the torque converter lockup. When using a powerful engine, the torque converter of this transmission damages its clutch coupling. The lock-up mechanism, damaged till the glue layer, clogs the valve body and gives severe vibrations on the pump shaft, damaging both the pump seal and the pump itself. The first sign of the faulty torque converter is a leaking seal.

Repair of torque converter

In these Jatco transmissions, the brake band may be considered as the spare part of the first priority. The brake band is replaced together with change of frictions in the High package. All friction elements get replaced if the car comes in the repair service with burnt fluid. Many repair parts of the JF506E transmission can be used for repair of RE4F04A. Typical problem element of this transmission is the rear planetary gear. When driving for a long period of time with worn-out torque converter and leaking pump seal, you can face the problem of worn-out pump cover bushing. Another common component to be replaced is the set of solenoids in the RE4F04 unit. Solenoids operate under different load, pair of the most extensively operating solenoids is the first to exhaust its resource from the whole block, but they are replaced altogether. High Clutch and Forward Clutch get out of order in most cases.

In general, this transmission has a significant reserve, allowing drivers to use the potential of this transmission to the fullest. It gets out of order only when the pan already contains much of metal chips and shavings. Under the condition of well-timed torque converter repair and maintenance services, this transmission can serve for incredibly long periods of time.