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Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type
4 AT RWD/AWD 6,9 3,1 Matic-D

The 4-speed automatic transmission RE4R01A\B (medium-duty class) RL4R01A (JR402A) found application in RWD and 4WD vehicles (Pathfinder, PickUp X-Terra) with engine capacity from 2 up to 4.5 liters. This gearbox rarely fails and traditionally is considered to be an “invincible” RWD transmission. The RE4R01A\B transmission was produced by Jatco-Nissan in 1987. The design of this transmission was updated several times and as a result it got an electronic control unit (and letter Е in its name instead of hydraulic "L" - RL4R01A). All these modifications have the same structural design and differ in only in some spare parts.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

The overhaul of this transmission is commonly performed after running 250-400 thousand kilometers. Well-timed and correct reassembly of this system adds a significant resource to the whole unit. In the course of reassembly, it is required to clean the valve body and fix the worn-out torque converter. Another measure is to check and replace spare parts - gaskets, rings, friction components.The package High typically is the first to get burnt. The kit of gaskets and seals (Overhaul kit) is a common order for the overhaul procedure.

Each repair of the "old" RE4R01A involves replacement of the following components:

- Brake band Overdrive 37 mm (Low-Reverse)

- Set of 4 solenoids (together with replacement of the torque converter spare parts).

The first hard part to exhaust its solid resource is the assembled planetary gear (Rear-Front) and burning High package. Worn solenoids cause insufficient oil pressure almost unnoticeable while driving, but results in wearout of all bushings and burning of friction components.