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Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type

The family of automatic transmissions V4A11 - V4A12 for 4WD (RWD- R4A11) drive of Mitsubishi Pajero Mini was designed by the AT (automatic transmission) department of Mitsubishi in 2000 simultaneously with FWD versions F4A11-F4A12. The difference between V4A11 and V4A12 is in slightly higher transmitted torque, but both versions use the same engine (0.7 liters). The 1-liter engine can be used only for F4A12 or R4A12 (AWD- V4A12). The V4A11 \А12 unit is mainly installed on AWD versions of Pajero Mini for a Japanese market. These transmissions were aggregated with a minimum 4-cylinder engine (0.7 liters) The design of all sub-modifications is quite similar, equally reliable, and this transmission goes so long that the cost of the machine at the time the overhaul of the machine becomes comparable to the cost of the bulkhead automatic transmission. The gearboxes were adapted for different engines and different underfoot spaces of the Mitsubishi mini-cars from (eK WAGON to Pajero Mini).

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

The repair of these transmissions mainly consists of replacement of the filter and change of the transmission fluid.In most cases, the reassembly of the transmission, cleaning of the valve body and replacement of solenoids are performed by car owners. In many cases, the replacement of this automatic transmission with the used one turns out to be less expensive than its repair.