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VT1-27 Transmission parts


Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type (recommended)
CVT FWD 150 7,6 4,3 Esso EZL799

CVT VT1-27T Mini (or general name for this family - VT1F) found application on Mini BMW. In addition to Mini, this CVT was offered to Volvo, Land Rover, Hyundai, but this transmission rarely comes to repair services and its hard to find spare parts for repair of this CVT. The following modification CVT VT2 was a budget-friendly solution. This CVT had been offered to many automakers from 2009 to 2013.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

This CVT has a typical design (with a solid reserve on transmission components) with a push belt and does not require repair for many years, except replacement of ATF and filter, and later – replacement of Bosh belt. This CVT was developed specially for BMW mini.

Settings of the VT1 control unit are adjusted for preserving expensive cones at low speeds, when the belt and surfaces of cones operate closely to the limit. Cones have wear-resistant cover of operating surfaces with the use of space technologies can not be rebuilt and not supplied to the repair market. CVTs of this generation are very sensitive to the level of ATF, therefore the check of this parameter is very technology-savvy.

Rare overhauls with reassembly of spare parts, wear-out of which leads to pressure losses on friction elements and as a consequence their (frictions) wear-out require the repair kit of gaskets and seals. While maintaining these CVTs experienced specialists replace the filter and change ATF as often as possible to avoid time consuming search operations for spare parts. Simultaneously with change of fluid and filter replacement, it is recommended to check the belt for wear-out of the protector. If there are any suspicions about wear-out, it is better to replace the belt. Even slightly wornout belt increases the risk of slipping (metal-on-metal) in situations with usual "non-sporting" acceleration in order to outrun the truck ahead. Generally, this CVT is quite comfortable and “invincible” under the condition of proper care. It is one of the top CVTs on the market.