Vacuum Test Unit

The Vacuum Test Unit is used to test the vacuum integrity of all Valve Body hoses and valves. This method of Valve Body testing is considered to be quite a traditional testing solution for transmission shops - it is a money-saver which does a straightforward job. At the same time it doesn’t provide the many advantages of the modern sophisticated transmission service tools. Vacuum tester is often used jointly with a Valve Body test equipment for remarkable results.

What are you looking for?

The vacuum test allows to evaluate the condition and wear of the valve (plunger) in the body of the hydraulic unit. A worn valve or a hole in the hydraulic unit may result in improper operation, reduced performance or malfunction of the automatic transmission. In most cases, it is possible to assess the wear of the hydraulic unit of the automatic transmission without the vacuum test. However, if you have repaired hydraulic unit with the help of special reamers and valves produced by such manufacturers as Sonnax, a vacuum tester is a must because the vacuum test allows you to quickly and easily test for leaks in the channels of the hydraulic unit.


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