Valve Body Equipment

The valve body is possibly the most complex part of an automatic transmission and is often the source of problems for transmission repair specialists. Equipment enlisted in this section allows to find sophisticated and efficient solutions to Valve Body testing, diagnosis, and repair. Solenoid check equipment is also available for Automatic Transmission repair professionals. Transmission shops implement this type of machine to tests their Valve Bodies from the ZF transmission, GM transmission, Aisin transmission, and other transmission makes.

What are you looking for?

Valve Body (hydraulic unit, valve unit) is a hydraulics “manager”, transmission node consisting of valves, solenoids, sensors, batteries and channels connecting them.

The hydraulic unit is controlled by electric signals from a computer and distributes\redirects oil pressure from the oil pump to the right clutch drum to shift gears in an automatic transmission and apply torque converter lock-up.

Transmission repair specialists know that the Valve Body is programmed to instantly and accurately shift gears up or down as the so-called "brain" of the automatic transmission - in the most efficient and economical scenario. Therefore, it is very important to use quality spare parts and equipment when dealing with this transmission node.

Applying reliable VB test machines - by Hydra-Test, Axiline, Raytech and other prominent manufacturers - transmission specialists are able to restore them to the level of benchmark results. The key is that the whole Valve Body technology is designed that way so the break power in the most intelligent 6... 8 step machines during acceleration is less than 0.2 seconds. Thus, such instruments as vacuum testers, reaming tools are also very important.

Computer settings are adjusted for fuel economy and optimization of the acceleration so that the driver can squeeze out maximum capacity of the engine in the aggressive modes of driving. Any clogged or worn-out valves at first lead to shocks when switching gears and later to clutch slipping.