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Clutch Piston Friction Material Bonder

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Phase / Hz:
  • - according to requirements
  • 220 V


Applying friction material to torque converter clutches is a simple matter with this handy device. The heat platens are designed to give maximum flow of heat to the tooling, and are individually adjustable. Features 220-volt single phase power (50/60 Hz) and an opening of 13” wide by 10” high for easy accessibility. This compact device uses less than 6 square feet of floor space. Heavy-duty construction assures reliable service and extended durability. Exclusive quick-change tooling minimizes equipment down time. Extensive tooling package included. Device can be factory retooled to perform many bonding and pressing operations.

Retro Fit kit
ATI offers a Retro Fit Kit for early models. The kit updates old style machines built by ABBCO with Watlow knob style controls and contactors to Watlow CV digital controls.

• Requires less than 6 square feet of floor space
• 220 volt single phase – 50/60Hz
• 13” wide x 10” high opening for easy accessibility
• Heat platens are designed to give maximum heat flow to tooling
• Adjustable controls for upper and lower platens – full surface heat, no cartridges
• Exclusive quick change tooling minimizes down time
• Easily accommodates Allison 1000 and 618 Cummins Diesel Clutches
• 1 year warranty

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