Piston Bonders

Piston bonders are used to bond new friction layers to parts and places where old friction layer was removed due to being worn-out and ineffective. It is important to procure friction linings and friction rings from well-known transmission parts vendors. Piston bonders for transmission repair shops come in several modifications - the modern models use halogen bulbs which makes it effective in terms of energy consumption. These unit come together with a set of adapters that are fitted to provide required pressure over friction components during bonding.

What are you looking for?

The concept of bonding in modern units is with the use of halogen bulbs to penetrate deep into the metal guaranteeing even heat transfer. In conventional bonders that use heating panel in bonding of friction material thermal energy is transmitted through physical contact - the result depends on uniformity of pressure and exact position of an adapter plate. All in all, quality friction material and its proper placement on the restored parts is a key point in torque converter repair. Some modern units - like Hydra-Torque piston bonder PB 2.1 - implement pre-installed scenarios for friction materials produced by different manufacturers (Sonnax, Raybestos, Lintex, Alto, etc.) which makes it easier to control proper temperature regime for impeccable quality. It is vital that transmission specialists control polymerization temperature of the adhesive and with modern piston bonders it is easier than ever.