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Transmission Solenoid Tester HYDRA-TEST HT-SOL 25

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The HT-SOL is the most advanced generation of automatic solenoid testing machines to date. When using the HT Sol solenoid tester, solenoids are tested individually. We hydratest and send transmission fluid into the solenoid, energize and de-energize it and monitor the mechanical and electric performance of that solenoid in graphical form. Multiple transmission solenoids can be mounted into the block where possible, but they are tested one by one. For high volume work we can work with you on solutions to automate this testing for less operator interaction by valve body spealists. Please contact us with your requirements to see if it makes sense in the HT-Sol. If your objective is to hydratest and monitor the solenoids simultaneously, we can test them in the valve body when they are fitted to our Valve Body Test Machine. The innovations incorporated when engineering the HT-SOL 25 allow us to offer several unique advantages to the end customer, among these are: An extensive library of benchmark results for most types of solenoids in the industry. The ability to create custom benchmark results for later comparison. Complete electrical and hydraulic solenoid testing. Manual, semi-automatic and automatic (with the option of cyclical repetition) modes of testing. The ability to set and modify the desired frequency and duration of the operating voltage of a solenoid. High accuracy measurements of current and pressure values when testing solenoids. These features make the HT-SOL the solenoid testing equipment the industry standard. This gives our customers the advantage of a significant increase in speed and quality of solenoid testing. The intuitive and easy-to-learn user interface has flexible settings, allowing the users to customize it according to their requirements and preferences. The user can easily change the number and type of displayed parameters including colors and labels of graphs of currents and pressures, limits, and tolerances of measured parameters.


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