01M Valve body Transmission parts, repair guidelines, problems, manuals

Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type
4 AT FWD 200 6,5 3,8 LT 71141, 75W90 GL4
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Technical issues and repair guidelines

One of the peculiarities of the 01M transmission lies in the transversal positioning of the unit. Therefore, VAG engineers also had to add a differential with a separate lubrication system (i.e. oil for it is tested and replaced separately).Gasket and seal repair kit (Overhaul kit) for the 01M is frequently ordered for the transmission repair. Rebuilding procedures, especially when there is burnt oil, require a full set of the friction components.

The list of 01M vulnerabilities includes the following:
  • The rubber hardens and poorly endures pressure, especially in winter. Older vehicles and overheated automatic gearboxes have the full set of rubber-coated pistons replaced in them.
  • The drum 3-4 may become worn out due to breaking of the basket along the axle of the shaft.
  • The green front drum washer - plastic sliding bearing - melts or becomes brittle due to the temperature and lateral pressure effect.
  • It is believed that 8-10 years is the average normal lifespan for all 01M-01N electrical components, including sensors. After this term, the resistance of its wiring starts to increase, the channel gets worn out, the characteristics of the valve closure change, and the computer "rejects" them.
  • The Valve Body requires regular cleaning. For vehicles that covered over 150-200 thousand km this procedure is a “must”. (As well as Torque Converter rebuilding)
  • ATF contamination comes from the Torque Converter and is a result of the dust flow from friction linings and worn out bearing washer. Contaminated ATF blocks channels and corrodes metal of these channels at some most loaded valves of the Hydraulic unit.