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Transmission general data

Number of gears Transmission Type Drive Torque (Nm) ATF (full capacity) L ATF (change) L ATF type
7 AT RWD/AWD 400 9,2 5 NISSAN Matic S

The 7-speed automatic transmission RE7R01A with longitudinal positioning for rear drive (according to Jatco classification - JR710E) was produced by Jatco. It was unitized since 2009 with all engines of Infinity and Nissan from V6 3.0 liters up to V8 5.6 liters (RE7R01B \ JR711E). In addition to Infinity, this transmission is installed on the following SUVs: Nissan Fuga, Pathfinder, Patrol etc.The modification named RE7R01B (Patrol/ QX56/ M56) is intended for high torque models (up to 600 Nm), in contrast with 400 Nm for the RE7R01A.RE7R01A model is a worthy competitor on price and fuel economy with transmissions produced by Aisin and ZF. There are possibilities for the mode of fast and economical car acceleration with switched on "slippery" of the torque converter clutch.

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Technical issues and repair guidelines

Like in all RWD automatic transmissions of Jatco, the design of RE7R01A elements implies a very long resource for this gearbox under the condition of preventing operation with contaminated fluid, which leads to the chain reaction: contaminated oil results in worn-out teflon rings, clogged valve body, worn-out solenoids leading to oil starvation of frictions.

It is common to replace torque converter spare parts in the course of overhaul of this transmission. Traditionally, the JR710 reassembly includes the repair kit of gaskets and seals. All rings, gaskets, and seals get replaced. The brake pack В3 (2-3-4-6) is the first to sense reduced oil pressure. Frictions with steel discs get burnt. The pack of С1 (Input) frictions is the second to get burnt. In this case, it is required to replace the whole set of frictions. Regular cleaning of the valve body and repair of the torque converter are performed together with replacement of the hydraulic clutch frictions. Problems in the RE7R01 electrical part are related to the valve body and the control unit.