Fun In Automotive Business

Automotive industry requires precise engineering and hard labour, sharp mind and hands that are used to working a lot - but it still leaves space for fun. will prepare some funny bits of material so that transmission repair specialists will be able to relax a little and, nevertheless, find something more about the technologies and the business that they are dedicated to!

Despite the fact that today cars equipped with manual transmissions become obsolete and get replaced with more advanced automatic models, it still can be useful to know how to drive a stick shift, especially if you plan to steal a manually shifting car. And a recent story from Canada proves this point.

The Ferrari 250 GTO is considered to be one of the most remarkable and rare cars ever produced, and undoubtedly has its rightful place in the list of top-requested cars. As there are only 39 original examples of this model, it is always a breaking news, when any of them changes hands. The recent newspaper headlines related to this elegant Ferrari model say about a scandalous deal that ended in court action.

Nowadays, the pace of life is growing so fast that people try to do their things even behind the wheel, therefore car manufacturers equip their new models with a lot of helpful features to make their vehicles operate like a business office on the road. Believe it or not, back in the 1990s Ford came up with a remarkable solution named the Ford Mobile Office Pack, which was intended for the Australian market.

At first glance it seems that auto repair and food businesses don’t have much in common. But people with out-of-the-box thinking sometimes can combine completely different lines of business. In Mexico, for example, entrepreneurially-inclined enthusiasts came up with the idea to fix cars during the day and cook tacos at night.

Modern auto industry is full of sophisticated drivetrain technologies which are supposed to make your driving experience even more pleasant and trouble-free. Despite a great abundance of sophisticated technical solutions, it is highly likely that very few people know a transmission solution operating like a manual CVT.

Some carmakers still produce car models equipped with a gear stick. These models, such as the Volkswagen Jetta GLI, are intended for admirers of cars equipped with manuals, but Volkswagen has decided to go even further in promotion of manuals and started to advertise the GLI’s gear stick as an anti-theft system.

The time of April fool's jokes has passed, but we want to share with you a cool lifehack from the Hydra-Test team on how to make a pizza in the torque converter piston bonder.

It's a well-known joke that a manual gearbox is one of the most anti-theft systems you can have on a car. However, sometimes even an automatic transmission can become an unsolvable problem for criminals who are bankrupt of intelligence. And recent report from The Daily Mail proved the point.

According to media reports, a unique collection of retro cars and powertrain components (engines, transmissions) were found in France at some abandoned warehouse.

The design department of Mercedes-Benz, in collaboration with Hartan company, produced the baby stroller named Avantgarde for admirers of the German brand. The product will hit the market in November 2018.

Admirers of Formula One (F-1) racing competitions pretty soon will have the opportunity to feel like a professional race driver. The Australian Zac Mihajlovic is developing an F-1 racecar replica which can be used on public roads.

The team of LEGO engineers has designed a full-size copy of Bugatti Chiron. The model is almost entirely made up of Lego construction kits. Only car wheels, tires and radiator cap were taken from the real car. And believe it or not, this toy model drives, but not so fast as the original model.

Only few people know about transmission concepts which were popular 70-90 years ago. For men of today, these gearboxes may seem very unusual and weird, but even now some gearboxes that date back to those years are quite competitive in comparison with modern transmissions.

Over recent years engineers developed a lot of gear shifting solutions for different car brands, which may seem a bit unusual for oldtime drivers. In this article we will review the most peculiar gear stick technologies and provide video materials related to these technologies.

Hilarious and bizarree things can happen when people are so accustomed to using the automatic gearbox and have to change for a manual gearbox vehicle. You may drive even a CVT car but having practice with multiple transmission types is a crucial step in finding the best driving experience for yourselves! here we have interesting bits about manual transmissions (the stick-shift)