New Automotive Product Highlights

Transmission repair specialists always want to learn more about latest gearboxes that are launched on the market. Indeed, there’s a lot going on in the industry and we try to grab freshest bits of news to share with you. Transmission rebuild techniques articles will contribute to our archives and to your database of sources for reliable materials too.

Two major Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia have designed a predictive Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Connected Shift System, allowing the car to switch automatically to the most appropriate gear after assessing the road and traffic situations ahead.

Donaldson Company, a major supplier of filtering solutions, has recently released new protective vents designed to save automotive powertrains from contaminating agents and pressure loads.

Xtrac, a British engineering company specialized in advanced transmission solutions for racing applications, has recently presented its latest P1316 e-axle intended for the first electric-powered cars to participate in the 2021 to 2024 FIA World Rallycross Championship.

Lucas Oil Products Inc., a major producer and supplier of automotive lubricating solutions, has recently presented its new FL-0 Low Viscosity Synthetic Racing Oil and Semi-Synthetic Type F ATF during the PRI 2019 Show.

NSK, the Japanese manufacturer of bearings, has recently presented its latest LCube II series of conical roll bearings intended for transmission units installed in electric vehicles. These bearings are purposely built to enhance efficiency by facilitating to decrease in power demand and better reliability thanks to increased robustness and wedging resistance.

Recently, Lukoil, a Russian oil company, has announced the start of production of its new line of specialized transmission fluids. According to the company’s press service, three types of fluids included in the ATF Synth line will be produced at Lukoil plants located in Russia.

As cars equipped with manual transmissions gradually disappear from the automotive market, some auto enthusiast still try to find comfortable new models that come with a touch of classic powertrain design. One talented mechanic came up with the idea to perform a transmission swap on the factory Audi SQ5 that comes with an automatic transmission only, and after some time this car got a clutch pedal as well as a gear stick.

Vitesco Technologies has designed a low-cost and space-saving dedicated hybrid transmission (DHT) unit with the integrated e-motor intended for hybrid vehicles. This solution has been showcased during the CTI Symposium in Berlin.

The EZ TCU from TCI is a time-proven solution that has gained many favorable reviews. It allows you to customize modern transmissions in accordance with your requirements. Now this powerful tool is complemented by the easy-to-install Bluetooth controlling device that helps you to tune transmission parameters with the help of a cellphone.

Torque converter (TC) dumps are one of the innovative components that have already helped many racers to set impressive records. Now Hughes Performance starts selling a Dump Valve Kit that can be installed in any performance-oriented car equipped with an automatic transmission.

Motul, a global French company specialized in production of automotive lubricants, has recently announced the release of a new DHT e-ATF fluid specifically intended for transmissions installed in hybrid cars.

Since 4-speed automatic transmissions first appeared, 2-speed automatics have almost become obsolete. No doubt that these simple but powerful transmissions are still popular among some drag racers, but it becomes a real problem when it is required to find these units on the market. While it is still possible to visit a local junkyard, find a used unit (if you are lucky), and to have it reconditioned, it may be not the best solution.

Thanks to huge experience and high proficiency, BW engineers came up with the Torque-Vectoring Dual-Clutch unit, which contains 2 clutches, replacing the standard differential unit in an electric driveline. Conventional torque-vectoring solutions need 2 e-machines in the rear, which are quite pricy and weighty, while BW’s technology saves weight and space in the driveline, having a positive impact on total efficiency of the car.

Recently, Eaton has presented its QuietTec technology ring and pinion gear sets during the SEMA Expo. The new solutions are intended for highly powerful cars where it is problematic to construct a smooth, quiet gear setup.

GM has presented a new transmission solution for high-horsepower builds during the SEMA 2019 exhibition. Company’s representatives say that the new 6-speed automatic unit named as SuperMatic 6L80E ensures an impressive performance/efficiency ratio when paired with Chevrolet Performance’s (CP) LS and LSX crate engines.