New Automotive Product Highlights

Transmission repair specialists always want to learn more about latest gearboxes that are launched on the market. Indeed, there’s a lot going on in the industry and we try to grab freshest bits of news to share with you. Transmission rebuild techniques articles will contribute to our archives and to your database of sources for reliable materials too.

The German company Zekkert has recently announced expanding the range of its clutch kits. New solutions are intended for such models as Nissan Juke and Nissan Quashqai. According to the company’s press office, now there are 25 new product items available for potential customers.

The much-awaited TREMEC’s new 6-speed transmission, named as the Magnum-F, has been finally released! This unit was developed to take the place of the T56 in 1998-2000 GM F-bodies. The new solution is based on the company’s TR-6060 manual unit to ensure that fourth-gen owners get enhanced operating capacity.

American Powertrain has presented the next-gen Pro-Fit 5- and 6-speed solutions for 1978-1988 GM G Body. Developed on the basis of the TREMEC TKO 5-speed and the dual overdrive Magnum 6-speed gearboxes, these professional fit kits consist of a custom-built tunable cross-arm, robust driveshaft, gearbox support, offset shifting mechanism and speedometer unit.

Hyundai has designed a unique Active Shift Control (ASC) high-tech solution. This innovative product ensures optimization of the transmission performance capacity by keeping track of the gear shifting process five hundred times per second, accurately adapting the rotation rate for improvement of shift times parameters. The new solution will debut in the new Sonata Hybrid and undoubtedly will find application in other hybrid models.

While some automakers actively exclude manual transmissions from their line-up, others, like Volkswagen still believe in viability of stick shifter and even invest in new products. The German auto giant Volkswagen has recently started production of its new manual transmission named MQ281. This new solution is assumed to increase the powertrain effectiveness and to reduce CO2 emissions.

ZF, a major supplier of car parts, has recently presented its first 2-speed electric transmission for electric vehicles (EV).This new solution for EVs comes as part of the ZF’s products for ‘Next Generation Mobility’. The presentation took place within the framework of Global Technology Day, 2019.

Several years ago, Dan Dorsch, a MIT student-inventor, developed the concept of a unique transmission, which may soon compete with the most technologically advanced transmissions.

The Russian company KATE, known for design of the gearbox solution for Aurus family, has recently presented a 2-speed gearbox for hybrid/electric trucks and buses.

Ricardo plans to showcase a brand-new, reliable and cost-effective manual dual clutch transmission concept (mDCT) intended for enhancing operating capacity in the fast-growing Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) market within the framework of the CTI Symposium America.

Bar’s Leaks has presented its new product named Super Transmission Fix, the 1-st transmission treatment to fix all types of car transmissions.

JATCO Ltd has designed a new CVT solution for small cars, named as the CVT-S (JF021E).

Nowadays, it comes as no surprise that many auto engineering companies try to create their own versions of classic cars, but Zero Labs Automotive managed to draw attention of the auto world by developing the 1-st electric version of the legendary Ford Bronco and equipping it with a manual gearbox.

Eaton Cummins has recently reported that it will soon hit the Chinese market with its upgraded version of its Endurant 12-speed AMT solution. The new product is notable for its retarder capacity and a PTO mechanism.

Recently, one innovative company Linear Labs from Texas announced that it has developed a new e-motor solution that exclude a gearbox from the design of e-cars.

Recently, Allison Transmission has presented its new medium-duty nine-speed automatic gearbox and electric hybrid unit with fully electric extended range within the framework of the automobile exhibition Auto Shanghai 2019.