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Technical Valve Body

The Valve Body is an often source of troubles for transmission repair specialists - here our Team work to provide reliable tips and techniques on this complex unit.

When we talk about testing, we not only need to understand why we are testing it, but more importantly, the how do we test it. The “why” is fairly straight forward, as we want to determine if it is still functioning properly and that we can reuse it. The how to test it might not be as clear, and there are multiple methods of how to test, and sometimes opinions on how to test that are not always accurate.

Automatic transmissions function with the help of hydraulic pressure to implement the process of gear shifting itself, and utilize valve body solenoids to handle the pressure of the ATF to specify the shifting points. There are many solenoids responsible for different gear shifting operations, and in this article we will have a closer look at downshifting solenoids.

This part 2 is a conclusion to our 2-part insight into the Transmission Control Module / Mechatronics Units testing.

The Go4Trans Team is happy to present to you part 1 of the 2-part research over the testing methods of TCMs / mechatronics units.