Automotive Industry Corporate News

Automotive industry is much wider than gearbox repairs and new transmission units launched on the market. It is wise to learn about new vehicles from various manufacturers recently introduced on the market, new technologies in modern cars - including Continuously Variable Transmissions, Direct-Shift Gearboxes - as well as automatic transmission fluid that would allow reduction of harmful emissions and many more things!

While sports car enthusiasts more and more often have to find a tuning company for a transmission conversion service, it seems like Ford is preparing a surprise for fans of its off-road segment. According to numerous media rumors, the upcoming 2021 Ford Bronco will have a manual option.

Sypris Technologies Inc., a producer and vendor of drivetrains and related parts, has reported that it has received an order to deliver specific elements, which will be used for production of a new sports car transmission (presumably an 8-speed DCT transmission).

Subaru has recently unveiled its new prices and trim level modifications for the 2020 Impreza. It seems like not all admirers of classic manually-shifted Subaru models will be happy with the latest news from the automaker, as it is said that Subaru plans to reduce the number of manual Subaru models available for the 2020 line-up.

ZF, a well-known supplier of automatic transmissions and related spare parts, plans to present a new generation of the automatic transmission EcoLife (named as EcoLife2) intended for buses at the exhibition Busworld Europe 2019.

CARDONE Industries has recently announced the 4-th launch of its popular video contest series for car repair specialists, who will have a great opportunity to demonstrate their workmanship and to compete for a fantastic cash prize ($5,000).

This year, AAPEX 2019, an international exhibition dedicated to the global automotive aftermarket industry, plans to offer to its visitors a variety of training programs, technical videos provided by the participants and overview of the new auto technologies to help car repair specialists to stay up to date with the latest trends in the fast-changing aftermarket.

The German company ZF, a major supplier of automatic transmissions and related components, has become the new partner of Mahindra Racing, participating in the Formula E Champioship. Thanks to the joint efforts, ZF experts and tech specialists of Mahindra have already set in motion the development process of under-the-hood components for the 2020/21 season.

Infiniti and Renault F1 Team have finished the main development stage of their highly-efficient, dual-hybrid powertrain designed for the Infiniti Project Black S prototype.

The FCA’s development center has recently opened an advanced Vehicle Dynamics Simulator (VDS) testing platform. Thanks to the availability of 9 running directions and specific driver calibration, this sophisticated simulator emulates the natural driving behavior.

The leading Chinese car manufacturer Geely gradually strengthens its positions on the international automotive market. This year, the company opened a research center in Frankfurt. In Germany, Geely not only develops its future technologies, but also obtains the main car components. For instance, transmission units are designed by Magna Powertrain.

The Genesis G70 sports sedan is starting its 2-nd model year with several upgrades and an insignificant price rise. Admirers of manually shifted cars are certainly happy to find out that the manual option will be available for the 2020 model, but initially it was planned to include a gear stick variant only for the 2019 model.

Only a few years ago, it was hard to imagine that sports cars would shift from classic manuals to automatic and dual-clutch transmissions. Some fans of classic sports cars are extremely disappointed with this automation trend, but Porsche says that you no longer need a stick to drive a ‘real’ Porsche.

The media source GM Authority has gained access to curious data on the abovementioned judicial cases. According to these materials, the automaker may have been well informed about the problems connected to its 8L90 and 8L45 transmission units as far back as September of 2014.

The Powershift transmission case settlement that was challenged in court has been for reexamination after the appellate court detected significant contradictions with the package deal being "just" and "appropriate" for consumers. Currently, the lawsuit is at the state of the case revision.

The nationwide labor strike at GM’s factories and warehouses, triggered and supported by United Auto Workers (UAW), is extended into its 2-nd week, as the talks between the labor representative and the car manufacturer face serious contradictions, ranging from labor conditions for part-time workers to salaries for new employees.