Automotive Industry Corporate News

Automotive industry is much wider than gearbox repairs and new transmission units launched on the market. It is wise to learn about new vehicles from various manufacturers recently introduced on the market, new technologies in modern cars - including Continuously Variable Transmissions, Direct-Shift Gearboxes - as well as automatic transmission fluid that would allow reduction of harmful emissions and many more things!

European Auto Group, the automotive tuning company from San Antonio, Texas, has already amazed the automotive world with its unique transmission swap projects (such as 2020 Toyota Supra and Ferrari 430 Scuderia). Art Bartosik, the head of EAG, has recently announced that his team plans to embark on the manual swap for the Mercedes-AMG GT.

VW Group Components has announced that it has designed a transmission system for all the electric vehicles based on the MEB platform. According to the manufacturer, the new product is notable for its compactness and its operating versatility – i.e. it can handle different situations on the road with a single gear.

Eaton has recently announced a range of modifications to its IntelliConnect remote diagnostics system, which allows drivers and fleets to receive relevant data on with fault codes, prioritizes critical issues and offers possible corrective measures. The introduction of new features is expected to become a significant step in workflow optimization.

Allison’s transmission solution 3414 RHS is a good example of how automotive market needs facilitate progress of Allison products. Developed in accordance with the latest industry trends and demands of modern customers, the 3414 RHS unit is now gaining recognition from industry experts. Heavy Duty Trucking magazine named this remarkable transmission solution a Top 20 Product Winner for 2020.

Jasper Engines & Transmissions, the largest US remanufacturer of drivetrain elements, and Find A Wrench (FAW), have entered into partnership to offer tools and services for independent workshops, and dealer centers, experiencing labor shortages.

Allison Transmission, a major provider of automatic transmission solutions for commercial vehicles, has recently entered into partnership with Hyundai Motor Company, to supply its Allison 1000 xFE™ automatics for the Mighty Light Duty Truck.

Despite the fact that current trends on the automotive market and low take rates of manual models make Toyota’s decision to use the automatic transmission in 2020 Supra absolutely reasonable, fans of the classic Supra with a stick still hope for a miracle. But it seems like cries for a manual option won’t come true, at least not with the 2021 model.

Thanks to an innovative virtual reality (VR) training technology designed by Bosch, Ford automotive repair specialists soon will learn how to service and maintain the fully electric Mustang Mach-E without the necessity to get inside the car.

FCA has recently issued a recall for its 2019 and 2020 Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks because of ATF leakages from the automatic transmission, which resulted in 19 fires and 1 injury. Both trucks come with the 6-speed 68RFE automatics.

Anand Group, the leading manufacturer of spare parts in India, has recently entered into a strategic partnership with the Belgian company Mazaro, which is aimed to enhance efficiency of transmission technologies in India.

Allison Transmission, the world-renowned provider of automatic transmission solutions, supplied the Allison X1100-5A3 unit for the military project in India. As a part of this project, the Indian company L&T has recently supplied the first batch of 51 K9 Vajra-T tracked self-propelled gun systems equipped with Allison automatics to the Indian military forces before the agreed schedule.

Ricardo, a British-based engineering company, has recently taken an obligation to manufacture and supply transmission control software for a 7-speed DCT unit for CEVT, a Swedish-based innovation center specialized in mobility technologies for the Geely Group brands. It is planned that the new software will find application in a 2020 compact luxury crossover.

Strengths of Allison automatic transmissions compared to AMTs and manuals proved to be highly efficient during the two recent rally raids known for rough conditions. Allison-equipped trucks claimed the most of top 10 positions in the truck segment on the Dakar Rally 2020, and in a couple of days an Allison-equipped Scania truck celebrated a victory in the Africa Eco Race competition.

According to unconfirmed reports, the Japanese company Nidec Corp expects to significantly increase its earnings over the next 5 years by strengthening its presence on the automotive market via significant investments into production of powertrain solutions for EVs and takeovers of businesses specialized in e-motor solutions.

MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. has entered into partnership agreement with Grant Brothers Sales (GBS) Ltd., one of Canada’s biggest manufacturers’ representatives. This cooperation allows MAHLE to strengthen its positions on the Canadian market and to supply its products more efficiently to the local customers.